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As a drywall company it should be no surprise that we get a lot of inquiries about drywall. For many people, drywall is often their first and only choice for wall coverings. However, there are other options available that should always be considered before making any final decision. Here are the things you should think about when you ask the question – Is drywall right for me?

Home or building owners might be very concerned with aesthetics for good reason. Wall coverings like wood paneling, stone, or tile can provide a unique and decorative look to a room that you can’t accomplish using drywall alone. Other issues that might need to be considered are the durability of materials. Also, insulation or energy concerns will play a role in how your space is used.

Certain wall coverings, such as stone or tile, are more durable than drywall and better able to withstand damage from moisture, impact, or fire. With regards to insulation, some wall materials, such as insulation-backed paneling, can provide better insulation than drywall. This can lead to meaningful energy savings, which is a major consideration in these times of high energy costs and energy efficient building.

Another consideration that is often overlooked is ease of maintenance. Keeping your walls looking their best is especially important in kitchens, laundry rooms and entrance halls. These high traffic areas often experience liquid hazards. Sometimes drywall alone is not the best choice for these types of areas. Wall coverings like vinyl wallpaper for example, are easier to clean and maintain than painted drywall.

In summary, the choice of wall covering can be very important and will often depend on the specific requirements and use of a space, as well as the individual preferences of the homeowner or builder.

Make sure to consider all your options wisely before making a final decision. Click here to learn more about what we do.